Karen - Lighting our lives with Bespoke Chandeliers

When someone talks about a chandelier, what do you think of? Lots of crystals and candle bulbs perhaps?

Well, all chandeliers are not created equal and Karen's stand out from the rest with her contemporary take using traditional methods.

Whether you need a 7m drop of these jewel-like orbs to light your stairwell or are looking for something more modest for your dining or sitting room, Karen and her team can create a chandelier to suit you.

Each sphere is individual in its colour and pattern. It is hand blown to your specifications, so each element is a little piece of art and the combined effect is absolutely stunning.

When Karen and I met I was already a big fan of her designs then by sheer chance we were both at an event. I couldn't believe that in a room of over 500 people it was Karen that I came to speak to. It was really exciting to meet the creator of the chandeliers that I already loved so much.

Karen and I share the same passion for creating something that is unique and personal to you. Combining the perfect colours and pattern is a joy. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop. So much beauty and it could be yours too.

'I wanted to say how good it looks and how pleased my partner and I are…I am so keen on the chandelier that I have taken to going to the guest suite and sitting on the sofa-in theory to do some reading, but in practice, just to admire the light!'

Karen - Lighting our lives with Bespoke Chandeliers photo
Karen - Lighting our lives with Bespoke Chandeliers 01