Interior Design

Turnkey Service

This service is for those clients who are looking to create a complete look. We create a design to include every element that the client will need for a comfortable and beautiful home.

Clients can just sit back and allow us to take care of everything. We are your Interior Designers as well as your project managers.

Consultation and Recommendation

For clients who already have a clear idea of what they are looking for or wish to implement the design themselves, we offer a consultation only service. We offer a 2 hour meeting or a 3-4 hour meeting depending on the size of the project. The fee is a one-off cost for which we will review your thoughts and offer design ideas, planning and tips advice so that you have the tools to create your design at your own pace.

You are always welcome to upgrade to our turnkey service at anytime.

Bespoke by Remote

Geography is not a barrier to us helping to create beautiful interiors for you. Whether you are local to us or hundreds of miles from us, we can still help you. We have designed for clients’ homes abroad whilst we are in the UK. Our bespoke products have been sent around the globe to ensure that our design is implemented as we envision.

We are always happy to work with clients abroad in person as well as by remote.

Choosing colours and fabrics
Matching mirror and lamp shade

Interior design done remotely

Feeling inspired?

We'd love to get started on your interior design project, please get in touch to discuss your ideas with our team.

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