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If you are in the enviable position of being able to build your dream home we invite you to work with us and consider our new approach to Design and Build.

Currently, the approach in the industry is compartmentalised. After purchasing the land, the steps are Architect, then Builder and then decorate, possibly using an Interior Designer.

At Renaissance Interiors we work with clients right from the start, getting to know who you are as a family, what your requirements are now and what they may be in five and ten years’ time. This is particularly pertinent if you have young children.

Once we know who you are, what your dreams are, we then work with trusted architects and builders to design your new home around you so that every design element you will need is built in.

With our approach we consider everything from the outset so that no element has to be retro fitted, no building work has to be undone.

We want you to spend your money once and spend it wisely.

Feeling inspired?

We'd love to get started on your interior design project, please get in touch to discuss your ideas with our team.

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