Luxury Lakeside Office

Interior design extends beyond colours and decor and should play an early role in construction and extension projects. Its inclusion is vital to create both functional and beautiful living spaces that harmonise with your lifestyle.

In this build, a clever cantilever system removed the need for the corner pillar when the doors open, revealing a stunning view over looking a lake. Privacy screening with blinds and curtains, concealed lighting and a home cinematic experience were built into the ceiling recesses and automation added to ensure effortless and elegant use. Our early involvement ensured the desired aesthetic was achieved without compromising functionality or design ambience. To see more of this project, please click here to view our Facebook Reel!

Renaissance_Interiors_Hartley_Wintney_LakesideHomeOffice_Automated_Blinds.JPG 02
Renaissance_Interiors_Hartley_Wintney_LakesideHomeOffice_blindsclosed.JPG 03
Renaissance_Interiors_Hartley_Wintney_LakesideHomeOffice_CurtainsOpen.JPG 04
Renaissance_Interiors_Hartley_Wintney_LakesideHomeOffice_Curtains.JPG 05
Renaissance_Interiors_Hartley_Wintney_LakessideOffice_CurtainsClosed.JPG 06
Renaissance_Interiors_Hartley_Wintney_LakesideHomeOffice_Outside2.JPG 07
Renaissance_Interiors_Hartley_Wintney_LakesideHomeOffice.jpg 08
RenaissanceInteriors_LakesideOffice_Styling.JPG 09
RenaissanceInteriors_LakesideOffice_Styling4.JPG 10
RenaissanceInteriors_LakesideOffice_Styling3.JPG 11

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