Making an Entrance

The hall stairs and landing has very limited natural light, but with the use of mirrors and a hint of metallic we have maximised the light from the windows and bounced it off the mirrors to make the space feel lighter, larger and have more character.

Reflection in the landing mirror showing the gorgeous Vita light and Romo wallpaper which connect with their beautiful metallics, which also capture the natural light from the window.

images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-02.jpg 02
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-03.jpg 03
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-04.jpg 04
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-05.jpg 05
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-06.jpg 06
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-07.jpg 07
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-08.jpg 08
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-09.jpg 09
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-10.jpg 10
images/projects/contemporary-modern-hallway-landing-11.jpg 11

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