Designing Better Homes Together

19 Jan

Whether you’re building an extension, conversion, or creating something brand new, it’s likely that you’ll be working with an architect, builder and, only once the project is effectively complete, you’ll think about all the important finishing touches that make a house a home. After all, this is the traditional approach; design the space, build it, then fill it. 

Working chronologically may seem logical. After all, nothing can go into a room until the room is finished. However, by doing things this way you’re often setting yourself up for costly retrofitting, your project taking longer and longer, and ultimately having to make compromises on what you can achieve. 

There is another way!

Click here to access our brochure 'Designing Better Homes Together' which not only documents how our approach to Design and Build is different, it also offers design advice on elements that elevate a design from good to amazing! 

Designing Better Homes Together