Emma - Resin Artist

Emma has spent a number of years developing her skills to create her opulent and unique resin art.

She has a passion for colour and movement, which is why she knew that her art would be abstract, glossy and colourful. Each piece is unique as the resin is applied in liquid form and so its flow and the way it intermingles with the other colours is totally abstract.

For Interior design projects the palette of colours and finish can be planned to complement its new home. It is possible to incorporate metallic and opaque colours, or translucent colours which reflect light back through the colour when used on an aluminium base. All of which can be further enhanced with the use of bronzing powders in various shades of coppers and golds.

Most of the art is created on an aluminium base as this is light in weight, cost effective and hard wearing, however we can also use brass and copper as a base for a more opulent and richer effect.

Every commissioned piece is created to the shape and size of your requirements. From small bathroom tiles through to large splashbacks or feature pieces of art for the wall. The art is waterproof, weatherproof and UV stable which means it can also be hung outdoors as a feature in a dining area of the garden. Additionally, artist grade resin can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees which makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom splashbacks.

Your art can be personalised further in how it is mounted. It can be fixed direct to the wall or framed as traditional art or mounted in multiple layered panels.

Emma - Resin Artist photo
Emma - Resin Artist 01